In-House Lab Set-Up

Increased Revenue AND Patient Satisfaction

TBS offers more than just equipment and supplies for your in-house lab—we offer expertise, turn-key solutions and a continuing partnership for success. Put our extensive experience designing and equipping labs to work for your patients and your office today. In addition to providing the latest and most innovative technology, we also present financial feasibility studies, file your CLIA paperwork and coordinate operations with the architect, builder and technicians.

Depending on your anticipated testing volume, TBS can design the ideal in-house lab for your practice, creating a major new source of revenue while giving you more control over the diagnostic process for enhanced patient safety. Whether you are looking to increase the ancillary stream of revenue for your private practice or simply looking to increase the efficiency of a university or research lab, let us show you why TBS is such a trusted name in laboratory development.

A custom-built lab designed specifically to accommodate your office’s existing floor plan.

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Comprehensive Service

From construction supervision to ongoing inspection and technical concerns, TBS provides all-encompassing customer service.

On-Staff Histologist

Even after your lab is operational, TBS is available to answer your questions, including an on-staff histologist to ensure quick and accurate clinical assistance.

Inspection and Regulation Assistance

TBS provides complete guidance to CLIA registration, CLIA and OSHA inspections, as well as CMS compliance.