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Triangle Biomedical Sciences specializes in turn-key solutions for in-house pathology laboratory set-ups. In 2010 alone, TBS assisted over 25 Gastroenterology, Urology, Dermatology and MOHS physician practices develop in-house laboratories from initial concept to project completion.

Let TBS provide your practice with a financial proforma to determine how much additional revenue your practice can generate with an in-house tissue processing laboratory.

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Are all of your specimens generated by your group practice?
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If yes to above, is that person CLIA certified?
How many specimens do you process per day, week, month?
Do you have a board-certified pathologist in your practice working on your premises?
Does this pathologist spend more than 75% of his/her professional time working for your group?
If you don’t have a pathologist, do you plan to hire one?
Do you perform primary paraffin processing or do you require cytopathology?
Do you currently perform MOHS or frozen sections and staining?
Do you have a room designated as possible lab space?
Do you have your own architect and contractor to perform any building modifications?
When does your lab have to be completed?
Will you need help finding a licensed histotech?
Are you planning to do immuno histochemical analysis for H-pylori, FISH or other?
How many FISH tests do you perform per day, week, month?
How many quantitative IHC do you perform per day, week, month?
Are you currently using a reference lab to do all of the TC/PC of your biopsies?
If so, who is it?
How many urine cytology tests do you do per day, week, month?
Are you interested in digital telepathology?
What type of specimen will you process?
Do the specimens vary in size (biopsy to larger)?
Are any specimens greater than 3mm?
Are any specimens fatty or bone?
Do you need architectural assistance to work with your local contractor?
Please list any preferred local contractor(s) that you are willing to work with that already know your building.
Will you need help with CLIA certification of your laboratory?
Do you currently use your own billing software?
If so, what type?
Would you be interested in having all the billing forms generated automatically?